Streets of Bombay 

They are selfless,
They are real,

They are life,

They inspire me,

They motivate me,

Cause they are a sight,

He is a nobody,

No one to takecare of,

Sitting on the roadside,

Scorching heat outside,

Waiting for someone,

To lend him some sum,

Thank you for posing,

Oh you begger,

You are a sight,

And your rich here



Ganeshsaidheeraj Photography,

Streets of India

Home for millions of people, you never get bored on the streets especially if you are from India, you get to see sights like these, it will make you sad or happy, sad if you care for them, happy if you think you are in a  better position compared to them, people like me click their pictures and publish all over the Internet, just to showoff his or hers photography skills that’s what everyone think, but in reality people like me,  we care, we care what do they think, cause we take knee talk to them and ask there permission to click them and trust me the smile which was coming from them at that moment is priceless,

I want that smile, I want to capture millions of smiles like these  with my camera, they may be poor but in this picture they are rich..

#mumbai #mumbai #photography #india #love #potraits


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